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What is in Virility Ex ?

Now if I am honest, I personally don’t really care what is actually in these sort of supplements – all I want to know is do they work?

Having spoken to quite a few people now doing this website it would appear that there is still a % of people who do really care.

So for those of you out that that like to know what they are putting in their body I thought I would do a quick post which outlined all the Virility Ex ingredients.

This is will be a short post as I am going to use pictures of the bottles label… me a LOT of typing !!

So here for your amusement are what goes into the male enhancement supplement Virility Ex.


ingredients male erection pills



And there you have it….

If you want to find more out about what in the tablets then I have a post on here that goes into some of them.

Otherwise good old Wikipedia is a good place to start


What is in Virility Ex?

There are 4 main ingredients:
– Zinc
– Selenium
– Ginseng
– Saw Palmetto

How many tablets do you take?

2 tablets per day