Male Enhancement Pills – 6 Other Uses

enhancement pill usesFirstly, let us tackle the widespread ‘myth’ that ‘Male Enhancement pills are all about ‘Penis Growth’ !

They are NOT.

There are SO many other benefits that these little ‘man pills’ can bring to the table.

This little article looks at what they are.


Increased Virility

A weak & flimsy erection is of use to no man (& in turn, no woman!). Compromised virility is a problem that MANY men experience.

It can be a once or twice.

Or can be an on-going issue.

There are just so many reasons that it can come about:

Stress, Health & Age to name but a few…..those headings can branch off to include literally thousands of causes.

Enhancement pills can increase virility & in turn increase the strength of your orgasms by improving blood flow to the penis & making them more intense.

This is good news all round.


Increase in Sexual Stamina

Let’s face it, we have all ‘gone off’ a bit early in the past & this is acceptable on the odd occasion. ‘Arriving too early’ on a continual basis is something that needs to be resolved.

There are things that you can do in the general scheme of your bedroom activity that can help this

e.g. Go back to giving oral pleasure when you feel you are getting close, so you can ‘calm down’. This is a winner all round (& she’ll think you are a very considerate lover!).

Some of the ingredients in some enhancement pills also help with stamina by helping to both increase the blood flow to the penis….BUT more importantly increase the ‘hold’ of the blood flow (how long blood stays in your penis).

Another tip:

Hold your finger where your penis meets your body (on top), there is a major vein located here & doing this lets the blood flow in but not as easily out. This is one of the reasons why some people use ‘cock rings’, they achieve the same effect.


Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Again, this is something that most of us men have suffered from in the past for one reason or another (stress, drink, confidence etc).

If it is reoccurring this can cause a great deal of concern & worry (which just adds to the whole issue).

A Doctor is a good call when this happens on a continual basis as there could be something ‘wrong’ physically. I’m afraid you just need to ‘suck it up’ & embrace the potential embarrassment.

Some of the Male Enhancement pills also claim to help improve this condition. So, if this is you, just make sure your chosen pill claims this.


Improved Confidence in the Bedroom

Confidence is such a fragile thing that most people (not just men) will hang onto anything that helps in this area.

If you feel that taking a Male Enhancement pill helps with this, then why wouldn’t you use them?

As said before, just don’t get yourself so ‘addicted’ that you feel that you can’t operate without them!

Maybe just use them for ‘special occasions’ (if there is such a thing!).

The bottom line, is that if by taking these supplements you are experiencing bigger, harder erections & more ‘staying power’ then why would you give them up?

What you are likely to find (& this is the ideal situation), is that you use them initially to get yourself over the issues you may have been experiencing…..& with this breeds confidence…..then let the confidence guide you rather than pinning all your ‘sexual prowess’ on the pills.

This then will become self perpetuating where confidence breeds confidence & before you know it your a stallion! (okay, I got a bit carried away there, but you get the picture!)


Higher Sex Drive & Libido

This, and all the above benefits go ‘hand in hand’ with enhancement pills.

They feed off each other.

If the pills are giving you bigger, harder & sustained erections then you will feel more confident…..if you feel more confident then you are likely to have a greater sex drive & libido….if have a greater sex drive you will be more active….if your more active you will grow in confidence…..

Self Perpetuating! (I love that phrase)


Increased Sperm Production?

Apparently  so.

This I was not aware of before doing some research but quite a few articles seem to point to this being a benefit.

Some Male pills have reported to increase sperm level counts with continued use.

Maybe NOT something to use when in a confidence based situation:

“Honey, I may have arrived too early….but have you seen the stats on my sperm numbers? They are off the scale!”

But this sort of information can be priceless when couples are trying to conceive & having know a few couples that have had issues in this department, they will try every little thing to try & get them ‘the edge’…..the final little thing that tips the balance & helps their partners fall pregnant.

I would recommend doing your own research into this particular ‘fact’ as I couldn’t find anything that was based on a ‘clinical trial’….but this wasn’t what the article was about….but could be very useful for somebody out there.


In Summary:

As we have seen, although enhancement pills are generally stereotyped into the ‘getting a bigger penis’ category, there are many more uses for them!

If you are having issues, then the best thing you can do is take action.

Male Enhancement pills are not the cure of all ills.

They are one of the ways of tackling the various problems you may be suffering from.

This may be enough in itself by ordering some. Just the psychological freedom of admitting you have an issue & taking some action can be massively powerful!

The ingredients within the pills are all tuned towards helping male enhancement so they can only do good & this will further help your plight.

The confidence in taking positive steps will also feed into this.

Want more information?

Then check out our Reviews Page of one of these pills on the market & if you want to order, make sure you use the link at the bottom of the review to go straight to the supplements official website.

Thanks for reading.

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