Your Sex Life & Your Heart

No….not your heart in terms of your ‘feelings’….the major organ in your chest!

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Wikipedia – The Heart – Click For More Info.

Your sexual performance is directly tied to your heart’s health.

More particularly, your blood pressure and circulation can help determine how hard your erections will be and how long you will last in the bedroom.

If you are wondering why your performance is not  up to the standards you would like it to be, it could be due to poor heart health!

There is plenty you can do to improve the power of your heart and the health of your circulatory system. Most of it involves eating healthy and exercising.

TOP TIP: Some people say they do some pushups before they engage in sex – This is actually a good idea because it improves your temporary circulation.

But for a more permanent solution, you should make sure you are staying away from artery-clogging foods like fatty meats and oily, fried dishes.

You should also try to make exercise a regular part of your weekly routine – Just a half hour a day of rigorous exercise can greatly improve your heart’s health and keep your performance powerful and long-lasting.

If you want to get more out of your bedroom activities, then you need to put a little more work in!! – Sorry.

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Sex Life & Your Heart
Article Name
Sex Life & Your Heart
How the heart can affect your sexual performance & stamina

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