Health insurance can be a confusing mess if you don’t have someone who can help you sort through eligibility, policy differences and red tape. While you certainly don’t have to have an insurance agent and can sign up for insurance on your own, it can be very helpful to have someone break it down for you into easy terms. This can be especially true for Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, simply because there are twelve different Medigap plans, and even those are different from state to state. Medicare simply doesn’t always cover all of your healthcare needs, however, and you may need additional coverage.

Medicare, once the major state sponsored health insurance for seniors, now has many other options available. These options and costs will vary according to the state in which you live, your health history, your income and even current inflation rates. When it comes to getting a better amount of health insurance coverage, Medicare Supplemental Insurance can be a great benefit, simply because you can get exactly the policy you need, whether it is better prescription insurance to getting quality HMO in your geographical area. An authorized agent can help you get the policy that will benefit you the most.