As working citizens, we are all trying our best to insure a good future for us and our families. By thinking of the future, one of the most important aspects, and one surely not to be neglected, is our future health and consequently our medical insurance. Actually, having a medical insurance gives a security on our future; making sure we will always have access to medical care, even after a certain age.

The federal health insurance program Medicare is

  • the insurance coverage offered by the national program; through the Medicare Insurance Agency;
  • it is available for special types of citizens; with certain needs.

In this respect; a person can see if he or she is eligible for this program by applying for the type of plan suitable for their special needs. There are, however, a few criteria, which are the large guidelines by which someone can see if and also which type of Medicare program is suitable for them.

The Medicare insurance system applies to:

  • people 65 or older
  • to people with certain disabilities
  • to people with end stage renal diseases.

Depending on every patient’s individual needs, the agency managing patients will help provide:

  • the best insurance plan; from hospital insurance, including hospice care or skilled nursing facilities;
  • medical supplies
  • preventive medical services.

The services insured through a Medicare program can include close work with the private sector of medical insurance; if the case; and also depending on the type of plan the patient has applied for.

Another very important aspect covered and provided through the Medicare Insurance Agency is the prescription drug coverage, which makes the object of a special part in the Medicare coverage plan.

This type of insurance is provided:

  • either by Medicare alone, .

or through private companies, which have signed contracts with the state for this purpose.