Medicare Advantage is a plan that adds several beneficial features to your traditional Medicare plan. In order to obtain Medicare Advantage, you must already have Medicare Part A and Part B. Once you are signed up for this health insurance, you will be able to receive overall health care coverage as well as coverage on vision, dental and prescription medications. In other words, Medicare Advantage takes care of the holes within traditional Medicare plans so that people do not have to purchase more than one plan at a time. Keep in mind that the additional features offered by Medicare Advantage may cost more money.


With the cost of health care on a steady rise, it is important for people to choose a plan that offers safety and security. Fortunately, traditional Medicare carriers now have an alternative with Medicare Advantage, which offers everything from in-patient treatment to prescription drug coverage. Luckily, the monthly premium for this health insurance is rather low, making it one of the most affordable health insurance plans around. There is one aspect that may seem like a downside. Individuals with Medicare Advantage are limited to only certain health care providers in the network, but it is easier to build rapport this way.