64-1If you are not on Medicare at the moment but planning to enroll as you reach the eligibility age, there are important things to be considered, especially if you are married.

The good thing with this type of health insurance Florida coverage concerning marriage is that your cover won’t be affected, neither will that of your spouse. If you are planning to get married, married already or not in wedlock anymore, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Eligibility criteria

Medicare coverage is not offered on the basis of dependent or family benefit. It is offered on an individual basis, without options for dependents.  For one to receive coverage, they must individually qualify for it. In most cases, you must be either a citizen or a permanent resident with at least 5 years of continuous stay.

That means that any person below the age of 65 years cannot qualify automatically because their spouse is 65 years or older and enrolled in the program. Additionally, when either one or both parents qualify for coverage does not mean that their dependent children will automatically qualify for a cover.

While you might be eligible soon for coverage, your younger spouse will not be covered and must wait until they are eligible individually. This is however as far as they do not have medical condition that makes them eligible before 65 years.


However, there is an exception to the Medicare eligibility requirements. For example, if you are a spouse to or a dependent child of the person who qualified for Medicare due to End-Stage Renal Disability, you may have some benefits eligibility.

If your spouse is almost attaining the eligibility age, they need to start the enrollment process at least three months before their 65th birthday. The same applies if you are also reaching the eligibility soon.

To begin your enrollment process, simply visit Medicare Medics and explore your options for the best policy matching your needs.