60-1It pays a lot to review your health insurance Florida package every year, evaluating whether it is the most suitable for your needs based on coverage, cost and convenience. You can make changes to your Medicare insurance policy, but during the open enrollment period.

Possible changes

During an open enrollment, you can make changes, from the original Medicare (Part A and Part B) to the Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan. You can as well switch from the Medical Advantage back to the Original Medicare.

60-2If you need to join or even drop the Prescription Drug (Part D) plan, you are allowed to do so. Switching to Medicare Advantage plans can as well be done.

Switching to Part A only

There are some peculiar cases where a person may decide that they do not need Part B and want to keep Part A of the Original Medicare. If you receive coverage through your employer or a working spouse, you may not need to enroll into Part B, may be until later.

If you wish to opt out of Part B only there are two ways to do so. The first one is if you were enrolled automatically into Part A and B and received Medicare Card. Simply follow the guidelines that you received with that card then send it back. If you continue to keep the Medicare card, it will mean that you still keep Part B and therefore must pay its premiums.

The second method to opt out of Part B is when you were enrolled via Social Security. In that case, you’ll have to contact the Social Security for guidance on how to opt out.

Signed up for Original Medicare and want to sign up for Part C

You can only do this during certain periods of time. You can sign up for Part C when you are newly enrolled during your Initial Enrollment period. You can as well sign up for Part C during the Open Enrollment period every year between 15th October and 7th December. Switching to Original Medicare is also possible.

You can switch between Medicare Advantage plans during the open enrollment period so long as your Medicare Eligibility allows you to. After selecting your new plan, you will automatically be disenrolled from the current plan.

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