Medicare is a form of health insurance for over forty million Americans, and yet even with the vast array of benefits that come along with Medicare, there can still be gaps in coverage. For most people, their only option is to choose a form of Medicare Supplemental Insurance that will fill the gap in their insurance needs. However, as there are twelve different types of this supplemental insurance, it can be challenging to know where to begin and how to choose correctly. To begin, you will need to know more about supplemental insurance that goes along with Medicare.

The Medicare Supplemental Insurance is labeled with letters A through L, so you may have Medicare Part B or Medicare Part L, depending on your policy. Each letter stands for a different policy that covers different things. In addition to choosing the correct type of supplemental insurance, you need to sign up at the right time. It is recommended that you chose Medigap insurance when you first join Medicare. It is also recommended that you understand how your policy costs will work – your premiums will be influenced by your age, geography and your community. Therefore, each insurance company may have a very different quote for each part of this supplemental insurance.