80-1If you ask this question to anyone around, then you will receive only one answer. Yes, Medicare insurance offer you PPO and HMO plans. And before knowing about this answer, you need to know what is PPO and what is HMO.

How can you avail HMO and PPO?

People who have Medicare health insurance Florida can enroll themselves in a plan called Original Medicare or the Advantage Program plan. At medicaremedics.com, this plan is called Part C. These Advantage plans automatically come with HMO and PPO services. Out of HMO and PPO, most of the people go for HMO. Below are the reasons and brief description about HMO and PPO and why people prefer them at medicaremedics.com.


HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organizations. HMO offers you physicians and traditional hospital insurance programs at a lower cost. HMO’s are best suited for people who hold Medicare eligibility at medicaremedics.com. This is because additional benefits such as hearing aids, dental benefits and eyeglasses are provided. Although HMO is most preferred insurance plan, you must be aware that HMO plan is available only with the providers who are a part of HMO network.


PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organizations. There are many regional PPO’s in the country. PPOs operate in a large geographic area. In PPO plan, all the people belonging to a particular area will be given the same costs and benefits. All the expenses involved in the traditional programs are by default available in PPO. Additionally, PPO does also have prescription drug benefits or Part D benefits. PPO’s also have annual out of pocket limit which are covered in Part A and Part B.