Unfortunately, if you pursue Medicare Supplemental Insurance because you’re planning for assisted living in the near future, you may be disappointed. Generally speaking, your Medigap coverage will not provide for additional benefits in the event you enter into an assisted living facility. The cost of room and board is not provided, for example. Nor will Medigap insurance provide any benefits that cover services you might receive in the care environment, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. However, there are a few areas where a Medigap coverage plan may actually help you even in this financially challenging situation. Here are some ideas.

As one ages, it often becomes necessary to consider assisted living as a way of maintaining both health and a measure of independence. In an assisted living facility, a Medicare beneficiary will have the opportunity to live in a comfortable environment where he or she will have access to immediate care – both in the case of acute needs and for general help throughout the day. All in all, this is an attractive option and it’s one that leads many people to consider Medicare Supplemental Insurance. But do Medigap plans actually offer help with the costs of an assisted living facility?


If you hold Medicare Supplemental Insurance that covers slip and fail or certain illnesses, you may be eligible for benefits that will help you. Under certain limited circumstances, it is possible to collect benefits that will defray the cost of assisted living if that assisted living care is required for you to recover from your condition. Likewise, rehabilitation and outpatient coverage may protect you so that you are less likely to require the extra care that a skilled nursing facility will provide. In this case, you may be able to avoid the extra costs that would normally be associated with it.

Unfortunately, Medicare Supplemental Insurance as we now know it is not an especially good option if your goal is to go into an assisted living facility on the long term. However, if you are looking for medical rehabilitation options that will allow for a short-term assisted living stay or a route that will prevent you from going into assisted living at all, some Medigap policies can help. When you compare Medigap policies, you will usually save money by looking for those policies that cover all of your needs — without requiring you to pay for extra features that you are less likely to need.