Basic requirements for Medicare enrollment

In order to be eligible for any type of Medicare coverage plans, any Medicare Insurance Agent can tell you the exact requirements, starting with the fact that you can apply before your 65th birthday, but will not get the coverage until you will reach that age, or have some special health issues. Among these issues are special disabilities, or end state renal disease, requiring dialysis and other specific treatments.

How does Medicare health insurance work?

The Medicare health insurance plans are part of a national health insurance program administered in large lines by the federal government; often working with the private sector in order to insure best coverage and services supply for the person benefiting from the insurance policy.

Any citizen eligible for the Medicare plans can contract an insurance policy at his or her local Medicare Insurance Agency and find out which is the most suitable health insurance plan for them.

What are the basic Medicare Insurance Plans?

The basic insurance cover plans for Medicare health insurance consist of Medicare Plan A, which deals with hospital insurance and Medicare Plan B which deals with medical insurance.

Plan A particularly covers hospitalization, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and home health services up to a certain degree, which can be found out by asking your doctor; and plan B covers diagnosing services; ambulance services, partial hospitalization and even partial prescription drugs coverage.

What guarantees do I have?

The Medicare insurance program is guaranteed by the state and protected by the state laws; having a national coverage and the state laws having a decisive role in telling what is covered by what type of insurance. Local companies can also decide on a small scale assertion basis if some services should be covered or if it is medically necessary and should be covered in that particular area.