If you find that Medicare Part A and B are not providing you with the comprehensive coverage that you need, you can look at a Medicare Advantage Plan offered through private providers. In order to enroll, there are a few steps to follow. To begin with, you can compare the plans in your specific area through the Medicare website or private insurance sites. If you already are enrolled in another Advantage plan, all you have to do is join a new plan and you will automatically be dropped from the old one, with no gaps in your coverage. Yet you must follow Medicare’s rules before enrolling, switching, or dropping the plan.


The first chance to enroll in the Medicare Advantage plan is when you first become eligible for Medicare, in the six months surrounding your 65th birthday. There is another enrollment period that takes place each year in between November and the end of December, if you wish to switch over to a new plan. It’s important to stay on top of these eligibility time periods, so that you don’t miss open enrollment and have to wait for an additional year to get your extended coverage. Starting your search for a suitable plan earlier in the year is recommended.