Medicare is a social insurance program that covers around 45 million individuals in the United States. Medicare is a form of health insurance designed for individuals 65 and older, and those who are under 65 and are permanently disabled or who have a congenital physical disability.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) is a plan that is used as a secondary insurance plan to Medicare. With a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan Medicare stays as your primary and the expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover will be fully or partially paid by a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are a least expensive option and is purchased through a private company and takes place of original Medicare (Part A and Part B) making your Advantage plan your primary insurance plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans cover Part A and part B and other benefits original Medicare doesn’t cover. Most Medicare Advantage plans include a prescription benefit.

Medicare Part D Plan is a stand-alone prescription drug plan offered by a private insurance carrier. Most individuals on a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan enroll in a Medicare part D Plan, for Medicare Supplemental Insurance does not include prescription benefits.

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