Can Medicare be free of charge?

Depending on how long a person worked and paid taxes, one can enroll for Medicare plans; and persons who already benefit from retirement are automatically enrolled in Medicare Plan A, for hospitalization insurance; as well as for Medicare Plan B- medical insurance. These two plans make up the Original Medicare plan.

This is also the case for persons under 65; but only as long as they have been benefiting from social security due to certain disabilities for the past 24 moths. Another special case is that of people suffering from end stage renal disease, or had a kidney transplant, or need regular dialysis.

Is Medicare obligatory?

Most people working are automatically enrolled in Medicare Plan A and sometimes even B.      Sometimes though, a person has to manually enroll 3 months before turning 65 for Plan A and sometimes even B; mostly when that person doesn’t yet receive retirement benefits, or does not qualify for it.

If manual enrollment isn’t made on time, there might be some penalties to pay afterwards; so the best option is to speak to a Medicare Insurance Agent and see exactly where you fit in.

Can I get Medicare through a private insurance?

Medicare health insurance coverage can be contracted through the private sector insurance companies, the enrollment plan being called Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Plan C; and it has a larger coverage than plans A and B, even for prescription drugs coverage and such.

Where can I get more information on Medicare?

Much of the general information is available on Medicare health insurance on the social security official website and by contacting them; at your local social security office; even by asking private health insurance companies if the case; or some information can even be provided by doctors.