Florida Blue was established in the 1940s with the vision of providing affordable and accessible healthcare to Floridians. The company was built on the vision of enabling citizens and communities to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Florida Blue provides a range of services across the state of Florida, including healthcare insurance plans for individuals and families. These plans include either a combination of the following or each can be selected individually:

Health Plans

  • Blue Options with Dental – This is a predictable cost plan which incorporates both health and dental insurance into one policy. This is more convenient for consumers as it means they do not have to have multiple policies.
  • Blue Options & Blue Select Hospital Surgical Plus – These plans include all the benefits of the standard Blue health insurance plans but with the added security of cover for major events like hospital and surgical costs.
  • Blue Select & Miami-Dade – This is a lower cost option for those who do not want to pay for a host of benefits they may not use or don’t wish to have. The Blue Select and Miami-Dade plans are only available in certain counties in Florida, so it is advisable to check availability.
  • Blue Options – This plan provides basic healthcare insurance at a predictable cost, making it ideal for those on lower incomes or on a budget. There are options to choose the maximum deductible and out of pocket payments and the monthly premium is adjusted to reflect this.
  • Go Blue – This is the basic most value plan offered by Florida Blue. Go Blue adheres to the values of simple, basic low cost health and dental cover, often with No questions Asked. These plans offer guaranteed acceptance, so there is no risk of being denied cover and are straightforward to apply for.