Medicare has a long list of Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage options for people to choose from. But if you want get a comprehensive plan that includes many of the key supplemental plans all in one package, then you should look into a Medicare Advantage program. These programs are offered through private insurance carriers that have been certified and approved by the federal Medicare program. In most cases, these Medicare Advantage programs include many of the more important supplements such as Medicare Part D for prescriptions or part A to cover hospital costs. Before you get involved with an advantage plan, you should understand how they work.

When you are talking to us about getting a Medicare Advantage plan, you need to know that there are different types of plans available. Some of the Advantage plans allow you to see whatever doctor you want while others force you to use the doctors in the network. The deductible and co-payment structures can vary from plan to plan and that affects how much the plan will cost. Before you start signing any contracts, you should make sure that you completely understand what the plan you are discussing will do for you and what out of pocket costs you will be expected to provide. The guidelines can change from provider to provider, so get multiple quotes to compare.


There are a few things that will affect how well your Medicare Advantage program works in your situation. One of the most important things to consider when getting this kind of program is what your realistic Medical Insurance needs will be. If you anticipate needing a significant amount of medical treatment each year, then you should get a program that has high premiums but low deductibles and co-payments. Another factor to consider is the limits that each plan sets on how much you will be covered for during the year. Some plans have an annual ceiling and others do not. If you choose to get a program that has a limit and you exceed that limit, then you are liable for all of those costs after the limit has been reached.

The Medicare Advantage program can be a great asset to people who want Medicare coverage but will also want supplemental coverage as well. Visit several different providers to see which ones have the best federally certified Medicare programs for your personal budget and your situation.