5There are primarily four parts of the Medicare plan namely as Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D. The part A covers the hospital insurance. Part B covers the medical insurance. Part C provides certain medical advantages and Part D covers the medical subscriptions. Every part of the Medicare plan is provided to the people. These have varying costs and are available according to the living area of the person.

Hospital Insurance

Hospital bills are sometimes very tough to pay. In cases, when you go under a serious treatment in the hospitals the costs are very difficult to pay. In such cases, the private companies in the region offer certain insurance plans to the people, in exchange for premium amounts, which helps them to pay the hospital bills fully and timely. The part A plan of the Medicare deals with the coverage of Hospital insurances.

Medical Insurances

Medical insurances are covered under the Part b Plan of the Medicare. This helps to cover up all the additional expenses that have been incurred after discharge from the hospitals. This mostly includes the costs that are incurred during the rehab facilities of the patients. The rehab facility costs are also covered under the Medicare Plan.

Medicare Advantages

Sometimes the Medicare plan includes additional facilities like check-up for vision, hearing, and other. These additional medical advantages are covered under the part C of the Medicare Plan. These are very useful in providing extra facility to the people. The patients can’t avail the plan C until they are enrolled in the Part A and Part B plans. These extra facilities help the people to earn a lot of advantages.

Medical Subscription

The medical subscriptions are composed of the medicines that are prescribed by the certain doctors. The billing and all the related expenses tot eh medical subscriptions are covered under the Part D of the Medicare plan. The drug coverage is done, under this section of the plan.