9Medicare insurance plans were introduced with the aim of helping people who are advanced in age to cover a major aspect of their expenses. The normal medicare insurance however leaves out some gaps, which they do not cover and has to be paid by the owner of the insurance. Based on this, Medigap insurance plans were introduced. There are currently 10 types of medigap plans that are practiced in 47 of the states in the United States of America. The best way to find affordable medigap insurance plans is by looking for information, either online or offline. The major places people looking for information about affordable Medigap insurance plans can get them is on the Internet, from the insurance companies and from local health insurance agents.


The advent of the Internet and search engine has made it very easy to get virtually any information an individual is looking for on the Internet. Individuals with medicare eligibility who are looking for affordable Medigap insurance plans can either use the search engines to search for affordable Medigap insurance plans. Millions of pages on Medigap insurance plans would be suggested by the search engines. The individual could read some of the pages and then try to draw conclusion base the information he or she is able to get from the pages. Furthermore, he could check specifically for the websites of some insurance companies close to him or her and try to look at the Medigap plans they offer and which is the best for him or her.

Insurance companies

An individual looking for affordable medigap insurance plans could visit insurance companies and request for their medigap insurance plans and the prices. The individuals can compare for about 5 or more companies and then make a decision on which of the companies and plans he or she finds the most affordable. A health insurance Florida company is the Florida blue company which offers affordable Medigap insurance plans in Florida.

Local health insurance agents

Local health insurance agents also guide individuals on which Medigap insurance policy is the best for them. The individual should however be careful that the agent does not have stronger affiliations to a particular insurance company, as they would want to convince the client to patronize such, eve when it is not the most affordable.