Providing health insurance to over 100 million Americans, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Association is one of the most reliable insurance providers; gathering under its name 36 health organizations and providing the best services possible on the health insurances market.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans are organized in such a way that they will provide every Blue member with the best health care services possible.

Our most sought-after services are:

  • ensuring coverage for individuals,
  • general medical
  • as well as life insurance-related;
  • to vision plans
  • and dental plans;
  • to employer-sponsored health plans designed for employees;
  • and to the federal program Medicare;

Blue Shield Blue Cross Association covers every possible need.

What is our background?

  • With coverage of all 50 states;
  • to a tradition of 80 years in the field;

The Association will continuously provide the best and most affordable health plans on the market, making sure each and every client, no matter his or her health plan, will get the best deal and the best coverage.

As the main focus in our plan is the client and his personal needs, the most important aspect is the close dialogue and communication with him.

Every Blue Member receives the best options possible, our agents making sure that out of the over 90 % of doctors that accept working with Blue Cross Blue Shield Agency; each and every client gets the one most suitable for him.

The communication process we are offering is made easier by:

  • the on-line support;
  • with cost estimators and
  • open policy about procedures and services prices
  • And best hospital solutions.
  • by simplifying and digitizing the process of finding the best coverage,

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association thus makes sure the client remains the main focus; with less stressful communication and easy available information.