As you settle into retirement you may be facing many questions on how to choose a healthcare plan that works for you. The good news is that Medicare insurance plans often plenty of options that included government and privately funded plans. To make it more accessible for everyone Medicare partnered with private insurance companies. Long gone are the days of only one type of Medicare.


Take for instance Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans. This private insurance company offers its Medicare clients different packages that work beside the government funded program. For instance, it may act as a supplement plan or Medigap, filling the gap on the costs that the government funded Medicare insurance plans do not cover. For instance, if a client would like to travel abroad, she may opt for one of the six supplement Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance plans available.


If instead she would like to receive more than what Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans offer, she may opt for a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan. She has the option of choosing among several Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans that differ on the premiums, coverage and whether the approval of aa primary care provider is needed to see a specialist.


Private insurance companies aim to complement and fortify the available services that Medicare provides. Don’t forget to consult a Medicare insurance agent to receive tailored guidance on which of the many Medicare options works for you.