9,...If you have decided to compare Medicare plans, you must be deciding which plan works best for you. There are four types of Medicare plans. We will start with Part A and explain what each individual plan offers coverage for. It is required that you sign up for Part A. Part A Medicare plan deals with hospitalization and the bills that may be incurred while you are in the hospital. If you don’t have Plan A and B you won’t be able to obtain Medicare eligibility for other plans. Get your health insurance Florida now and be insured for the rest of your life.

When Is Plan A Free?

This plan is free to you if you have been employed (with a Medicare-covered job) for ten years or more. You are required to pay a deductible if you are hospitalized. The U.S. government limits your coverage to 90 days in the hospital per illness. After that, Part A will pay for a one time 60-day hospital stay.

What Is Part B?

Part B offers coverage for doctor visits and any tests your doctor may need to run. The cost for Part B is based upon your income. It is not required that you sign up for Part B Medicare. You are required to pay a deductible before you are covered by this plan. The way this deductible works is Medicare will pay 80% of the cost, if approved, and you are required to pay 20%, plus anything not covered by Medicare. However, Part B only covers doctor bills as long as you are in the U.S.

What Is Part C?

Part C is a more financially reasonable managed-care option. This part of Medicare is also called the Medicare Advantage. If you choose to apply for Part C, you are first required to sign up for Parts A and B.

What About Part D?

Part D is the prescription drug coverage. Part D is not required. It is still a good idea if you do not have group health coverage to put off purchasing B and D until you have retired or no longer receive group coverage.