4Medicare is US Govt owned plan for the elderly people of 65 or above to provide them better health facilities. However an individual need to meet up the set criteria to be eligible for such insurance policy. When claiming this policy make sure that entitled person has certain disabilities or end stage renal failure prior applying for payment. While selecting the right plan consider few things discussed below.

Coverage of your needs

It is the foremost criteria for selection to make sure you have easily understood the terms and conditions of each plan with their pros and cons and all your needs are well covered by it. Sometimes you need to choose supplementary Medicare plan for the costs that are not covered by primary Medicare plans. If you are unsure about right plan talk fearlessly to the staff of approved healthcare providing firm by Medicare to find the best course of action.

Cost and convenience

What premiums and deductible costs you are liable to pay the extent of costs that you are supposed to pay while your stay at hospital and availing indoor and outdoor services. Also get a thorough understanding of yearly costs to pay. Convenience is another important factor. How far you need to travel to get entitled services, what pharmacies you can use? What are visiting hours of doctors? A complete knowledge of The Extent to which consultancy and diagnosis test will be charged to you etc. should be considered while selecting the right plan for you.

Other factors to be considered while choosing the right plan are quality of care, doctors and hospital choice and affiliation with Medicare prescription drug plan. Give due importance to each and every factor assisting in plan selection.

Prior finalising your health insurance, ask other people for their reviews about Medicare. Some people seem to be displeased with Medicare since rules and terms are so stringent that in many cases payment has not been made that added frustration to elderly people.