What Medigap Insurance is designed for?

If you are a Medicare coverage plan beneficiary and need an extra coverage for dental care, vision care, hearing aids, or private nursing; but you type of Medicare insurance doesn’t cover them; then you can apply for the Medigap Insurance Cover; which is an extra part that adds to the initial Medicare coverage and helps dealing with any kind of unexpected problems might appear on the way.

The Medigap insurance also covers health care, co-payments and even extra coverage for traveling outside the U.S.

What are the requirements for Medigap Coverage?

You can apply for enrollment for Medigap Coverage from the first day of the month of your 65th birthday; as long as you have already applied and bought the Medicare Plan B insurance cover. Supposing you have Medicare Plan B; you will be 65 or older; suffering from a certain disability that was eligible for Medicare or have an end stage renal disease and you need extra coverage.

What type of Medicare Insurance can be completed by Medigap

You can apply to Medigap as long as you have already purchased Medicare plan B; this meaning that as soon as you are eligible for Plan B you can also buy this extra coverage.

What are the financial conditions and where can I find them

For Medigap coverage you will pay a monthly standard fee, no matter the insurance company you sign with; this will be added to your Medicare Plan B fee. The coverage will be fixed and will offer the same services; independent of the fee you will be paying; which might differ from Insurance Company to Insurance Company.

You can ask for quotations at any Medicare dealer; making sure to state exactly the type of coverage you need, and asking if you can enroll for this type of coverage.