76Under the Original Medicare or the Supplemental Medicare such as Medigap, neither of them can deny a person enrollment due to pre-existing conditions. But Medigap has some exceptions.

The best time to enroll

A person with pre-existing conditions simply need to ensure that they enroll when their Medicare eligibility is met. That is, during Initial Enrollment Period, and then make a switch to another plan during the correct enrollment or disenrollment period to avoid potential barriers to receiving coverage, like fine for late enrollment.

If you need the most comprehensive plan when you have a health condition, the best time to join Medicare should be during your first eligibility, that is, open enrollment. This is the period of time when you have full issue rights.

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) cannot deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition. Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) cannot also be denied due to a pre-existing condition, regardless of the condition or medication cost.

As for Medicare Advantage (Part C), you will equally be accepted but for a single exception – End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Your Part C coverage can be denied if you are reliant on dialysis due to kidney problem. Except for this single condition, all other beneficiaries of Medicare can enroll into Medicare Advantage.

76Medigap pre-existing conditions

As for Medigap, you may be denied Supplemental insurance by a health insurance Florida company due to pre-existing conditions, with one exception only – when you enroll during the Open enrolment periods or have guaranteed issue rights.

The open enrollment into Medigap is the month that you turn 65 and 5 months after turning 65. This should not be confused with the open enrollment for Medicare, which is 3 months before, 3 months after or the month of your birthday. The same term is used but the time periods differ.

An insurance company won’t ask questions concerning your health if you enroll during the open enrollment.  You must be given the best rates possible. Do you have a pre-existing condition and would like to enroll into Medigap? Check out your options with Medicare Medics and get the most comprehensive plan at the best rates.