8Getting medicare insurance is very important as it helps eligible persons to cover their medical expenses when they fall ill. There is however different type of medicare policy options that individual can choose from. This could be confusing when an individual does not have much knowledge about the different medicare policy options available and which they can use. Based on this, people must look out with the insurance companies they want to use and properly read through their insurance plans, before signing up to use their insurance services. The major medical policy options that are offered by insurance companies include medicare advantage and medigap insurance policy which are both offered by Florida blue insurance company, which is a health insurance Florida company.

Medicare advantage

Medicare advantage is when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) contracts your insurance company, from which you receive your insurance benefits. This implies that private insurance companies, which have the ability to effectively utilized funds, are encouraged to give more benefits to individuals under their insurance company. In this case therefore, gaps are not covered by Medicare advantage as the companies only offer more services, so as to reduce the amount an individual have to spend when they have medical expenses that are not covered under Medicare. For instance, drugs, which are not covered by normal medicare insurance plans, are provided by Medicare Advantage. Furthermore, the Medicare Advantage does not come with premiums in some cases, and when it does, the premium is always comparably low.


Medigap or Medicare supplement is a common plan type which was established in 1965. The aim of the medical supplement is to cover the gaps which are not covered by Medicare. These gaps include 20 percent of charges for outpatient which is not covered by part B or co-pays and hospital deductible, which is not covered by Part A. Enrollment for medigap is opened for a 6 month period starting from the day an individual with medical eligibility attains the age of 65. Irrespective of the health status of the individual, the insurance company is mandated to sell any type of Medigap plan the individual is interested in.