66-1As people get older, they tend to develop dental issues as well. Therefore, while getting a health insurance Florida coverage, it’s good to find out if your dental care needs will be covered as well.

Unfortunately, the Original Medicare, that is Part A and Part B, basically don’t include routine dental care such as dental examination, cleaning, crowns, bridges and filling.

Get a Medicare Advantage plan

If you need to combine your routine dental coverage with other hospital and medical coverage, you should opt for the Medical Advantage Plan. Part C can include routine dental care, prescription drug coverage and routine vision care.

In the case that you’d like to keep the Original Medicare, you might consider adding the Medigap plan that includes dental benefits. Alternatively, you can opt for a different dental care plan. A Medigap plan is offered by private insurance providers such as Blue Cross Florida


However, there might be some exceptions to the above rules. For instance, if you got involved in an accident that resulted in damage to your jaw, Medicare can cover the medical expenses of reconstructing the jaw. If you are suffering from a disease involving the jaw, the Original Medicare can cover extraction of a tooth that is directly linked to the disease.

If you need to undergo a heart or kidney transplant or any other complex medical procedure that need preliminary examination of the teeth, Medicare will cover the cost of the dental exam, either under the Part A or the Part B of Medicare. That will however depend on whether the exam is performed by a hospital staff or in-office physician. Since Original Medicare does not provide routine dental coverage, you will be responsible for the entire cost of your routine dental care, unless you are enrolled in another dental insurance policy.

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