Medicare is a health insurance program of our country for those who are 65 years old or more. People below age 65 but are suffering from certain disabilities may also qualify for Medicare. This program helps you with the cost involved in general health care, but sadly it does not cover all the medical expenses or the cost of the care involved in long-term processes. You are here also provided with the choices for how to get a Medicare Coverage.

In order to get an original Medicare coverage, you must buy a Medicare supplement Policy from an insurance company in order to cover other cost that Medicare does not provide you with.

A small portion of the payroll taxes is paid by the workers and the employers of the same in order to cover almost all the expenses involved in Medicare. The monthly premiums are also deducted from the Social Security Checks which serves as a portion of the costs. A Number of centers for Medicare services are in actual the agencies in charge of the Medicare service programs. We can give you some of the general instruction about the Medicare program which comprises of four parts mentioned below:

  • Part A- the Hospital insurance: This programs help with the cost in terms of the inpatient care in the hospital or any skilled nursing services, along with few home health care and hospice care programs.
  • Part B- Medical Insurance: This program helps you with the cost involved in the services from the doctors and other health care providers along with some of the preventive services which may include home health care services etc.
  • Part C- Medicare Advantage plans: This program covers a number of areas. You here receive all the services provided to you by the Part A and Part B program through this single program.
  • Part D- Prescription drug coverage: This programs helps in paying the cost for the drugs prescribed to you.