Medicare Part D may be helping you pay for prescription drug costs, but this does not mean you are receiving the lowest rates available. This program makes it more affordable to pay for drugs that are not covered under Medicare, but it is often up to the individual to maximize savings.  There are many strategies you can use to save on your monthly prescriptions. Review your plan to ensure you are being offered the best options for your needs. If you are, then a little extra work can save you money on your current plan.

First, talk to your doctors when they issue you prescriptions. Ask if you are getting the least expensive drug or if there are any generic options. Sometimes doctors may be able to give you free samples, and this lowers your costs for the month. Many government or patient assistance programs exist to provide cheap alternatives to those using Medicare Part D. You have a better chance applying for some of these programs if you have a low income or are on a fixed budget.  Investigate all the pharmacies that you can conveniently visit and see if they offer cheaper prices. Some pharmacies have generic prescriptions available for as low as four dollars. Being persistent and taking action helps you find affordable prices.