4Part A

It covers all the board, inpatient room, supplies and other skilled nursing facilities being provided to the patient. There are certain changes that the private insurance companies keep on implementing in the part A plans to ensure the services.

Part B

The part B Medicare plans cover the testing, durable medical equipment, surgery, physician and a certain amount of drugs. There is a limited amount to which part B Medicare plans are facilitated.

Part C

Apart from the part A and part B plans the part C Medicare plans can only be availed if the patient is availing the prior two plans. These plans are very useful in covering the additional benefits like the vision, hearing, and the dental charges. These are only available for the patients in specific regions.

Part D

The medical subscriptions are handled under the part d of the Medicare plans. The drugs, tablets and certain medicines are covered under this plan. In short, all Medicare plans are useful for the patients in order to reimburse their medical bills to a certain extent.


This the Medicare advantage plan that is included in the part C. This plan covers up the drug expenses of the patients. The medicines that have been used by the patient’s during the course of treatment are covered under this plan.


It is a part C Medicare plan that does not include the expense recovery of the drugs, used by the patients.


It is an acronym for Health Maintenance Organization. According to it, it is essential that you reside in the region where the Medicare Advantage plan is being provided by the providers.


It is an acronym for Private Fee for Service. It allows the people to go to the providers of their own choice and accord. But it is essential that the provider agrees and accepts the amount of the plan that you will be paying to them.


It is an acronym for Prescription Drug Plan.