3.Part C of Medicare

It is important to Medicare plans in order to keep life safe after the retirement period. Medicare is the government plan which covers some of the basis insurance coverage but not all are covered. Thus the Medicare advantage insurance plans are needed. The Medicare advantage plans are offered as the Part C of Medicare. More than 10 million people are enrolled in the Medicare advantage plans. It has many benefits for the seniors. The Medicare advantage plan covers all the benefits provided by the Medicare Part A and B and also some additional advantages are covered.

Benefits to seniors

It depends on plan and carrier whether the Part D prescription coverage will be included or not. The Medicare advantage is provided in forms like PPO and HMO plans. The HMO plans have no out of network coverage. The referral from physician is needed to visit the specialist. The HMO plan has less pocket costs and it has the prescription coverage. The PPO plans include the in and out network coverage. The referral is not needed in PPO plans as they are needed in the HMO plans. The PPO advantage plan has more copayments and it also has the pocket costs.

The coverage area of the Medicare advantage plan is important and it covers the dental, hearing, vision, etc. these are not provided by original Medicare and the coverage depends on the type of plan. As per certain coverage area some plans are free of cost and it also does not include any premium. Some of the plans in Medicare advantage also cover the gym membership. The Medicare advantage plans are administered by the government but still the premium amount varies from carrier to carrier. The government allows the carrier to make their own pricing and it should be well studied. As the prices are different it is important that the proper market survey is done. You should take the prices from atleast 3 companies and compare them. You will get the competitive rates. Keep in mind that the coverage is regulated by the government and only the pricing can vary form carrier. The coverage will remain same.