You’ve worked for years to receive the benefits of your labor in the form of government funded Medicare. But as you approach the marketplace, you may be overwhelmed by the options or unimpressed by the coverage that government funded plans provide. Your retirement should not be a stressful part of your live.

Thankfully now more than ever you have more options and easier ways of choosing which Medicare program works best for you. Long gone are the Johnson days of a single underfunded Medicare plan. Private insurance companies have teamed up with Medicare to provide additional powerful options that can only translate into big savings and peace of mind for you. Let’s explore some of them.


If you are dissatisfied with your original Medicare plan, you can opt to upgrade it to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Private insurance companies such as Blue Cross Insurance offer different plans within the Advantage Plan rubric which vary in coverage and premiums. For instance, you can choose to receive benefits that go beyond government funded Medicare, such as dental, vision and hearing services. You can also opt for just a supplementary aid from private insurance companies by choosing a Medigap plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans, for instance, may help you cover the costs that original Medicare plans don’t cover, making healthcare more accessible. For instance, if you want to travel abroad but wonder if you can receive healthcare benefits, you should consider a Medigap insurance plan. Whichever option, Medicare is your right.