There are 4 separate parts to Medicare. Part A is the part of the plan that provides hospital insurance. Medicare Part B provides Medical Insurance coverage. A Medicare Advantage Plan or Part C, may provide additional health coverage for hearing, vision, dental, and in some cases, health and wellness programs. Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage. There are various types of Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare pays a certain amount every month for your coverage. The companies that provide Medicare Advantage Plans have to adhere to rules that are set up by Medicare. There may be some expenses that you have to pay for.

Some of the out-of-pocket expenses you may have to pay for under Medicare Supplemental Insurance are referrals to specialists. If you go to doctors or medical suppliers that belong to the plan you choose only for medical problems that aren’t of an emergency nature, they may not be covered. The plans vary and can change from one year to another. There are different types of Medicare Advantage Plans. A Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO, may provide you with access to providers outside the network if you pay the additional costs. Additional plans under Part C are a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO, a Private-Fee-for Service Plan, or PFFS, or Special Needs Plans.


Costs associated with a Medicare Advantage Plan may vary depending on the plan that you choose. Considerations include whether the plan has a premium that’s paid monthly and whether the plan pays any portion of the premium for Part B. Some plans have a deductible that must be reached yearly before the plan pays for medical costs. Co-payments vary from plan to plan. In addition, some plans have a limit on the out-of-pocket costs for medical services.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance covers urgent and emergency care. All of the medical services that are covered under Original Medicare are covered with the exception of care in a hospice facility. Hospice care is covered if you’re enrolled in Original Medicare and will be covered even if you choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Before joining any Medicare Plan, you should compare all of the supplemental plans that are available for the region of the country you live in. You can find out about all the plans that are available on the Medicare website. Some plans allow you to fill out an online form and submit it. Others may require that you call the plan to enroll.