2.To the advantage of many people with disabilities around the country, Medicare is available for them as long as they are qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, here are certain things that come into consideration when providing coverage for people with disabilities, so it is important to take a look at them and see how to get the best out of Medicare while having a disability.

Time and age matters

While most of the American population becomes eligible for Medicare coverage at the age of sixty-five, this age eligibility requirement does not apply to some people who have disabilities and are not able to work or qualify for SSDI. Also, people have to wait for twenty-four months after they receive their Social Security disability benefits before they can opt for Medicare. Nonetheless, there are some medical conditions that can either accelerate or completely nullify the waiting period. For example, people with ALS are automatically approved as soon as they receive their Social Security disability money. The same goes for someone with end-stage renal disease, which not only eliminates the waiting period, but it also has no age restriction.

The different parts of Medicare

Medicare is composed of four parts: Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. They all have different focus and different benefits. Part A, for example, focuses on hospitalization benefits while Part B takes care of treatments that are necessary for one’s health, as well as preventive services. Some of the preventive services that are included are HIV tests, screenings for cancer and others. Also, mammograms, prostate and pelvic examinations are included. Also, Part B includes durable medical equipment and prosthetics. Part A and Part B are also known as the “Traditional Medicare” or the “Original Medicare.” On the other side, Part C is known as the Medicare Advantage plans. The benefits of this one include all the benefits from Parts A, B and even D sometimes. Part D, on its own, is the prescription drug coverage plan. After all, Medicare users should take a look at the benefits of Medicare Advantage versus the Traditional Medicare and figure out what has the most benefits for them.