Step 1: Sign up for Medicare

Make sure that you know whether or not you are eligible for Medicare, and what benefits you will receive. You may get Part A and B automatically, or you may need to sign up each time. Ensure that you know what the different parts of Medicare are and that you know what you want and need for your persona lifestyle. The next step is to sign up for Medicare by applying online. The process is quite simple and easy to understand.

Step 2: Choose your coverage

Basically, you can choose one of two options: Medicare Advantage Plan, or Original Medicare. You can also get additional coverage, which includes things like Medigap coverage or medication coverage. It is vital to know what you are looking for, and what you need out of your medical aid.


It is vital to make sure you learn more about Medicaid, and ensure that the federal and state programs are working to your advantage. They can help with nursing home costs or personal care services, which make things easier for people with somewhat lower income, or huge medical bills and needs. Make sure you have a look at a good Medicare Insurance Agency such as Insurance Agency Florida or Florida Blue Insurance Plans. Other good plans come from Blue Cross Insurance Plans and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plans.