If you’re retiring and if you like 3.8 million seniors who know where the sunshine lives decide to move to Florida, you are making just the right decision. Healthcare coverage in the sunshine state for seniors could not get any better with the multiple flexible options available for its residents.


Medicare insurance coverage in Florida is similar to that of other states. You can choose the original Medicare plans, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans, and complement these with a Medigap program that is affordable and that can help you keep some peace of mind. For instance, Florida Blue Insurance Plans offer a Medigap option that cover what original Medicare does not. Because Florida Blue Insurance wants you to enjoy your retirement, your coverage is not limited to Florida but includes all other states. It is also not limited by a physician network. It pretty much goes wherever you go.


Likewise, if you decide to forget about original Medicare altogether, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan through a private insurance company that can provide you with the same original Medicare benefits and more.  Florida Blue Insurance Plans include Medicare Advantage Plans with a $0 monthly premium so you don’t have to worry month to month. Plans also include prescription coverage and routine dental, vision and hearing benefits because retirement should be a time to live well.


Contact your nearest insurance agency in Florida to better plan how to receive healthcare coverage during your retirement years.