2Part A and Part B

Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance & part B is Medical Insurance. Part A is generally focused on the cost of the health care and all the other medical facilities which provides us with all the necessary and important health services. Part A covers the cost that is incurred during the Home Health Services, Hospital Cares and other nursing facilities that are provided in the hospital. Medicare PART B covers the cost which is incurred outside of the hospital or we can say medical facilities.


This cost is like the Visits of the doctors, the test of the labs, and other outside procedures.  IT also covers the cost of Wheelchairs, Scooters, Oxygen Tanks, and the ambulance services as well.  Part B also covers the cost incurred in lab test, Heat check up cost, Diabetes Test Cost, and some types of cancer treatment also. Part A pays for the following things. It pays for the care of the patient when he is admitted in the hospital. It helps to pay during the severe and intense care also. It pays when the treatment from nurse is taken. It also pays when the patient is taking health care treatment from the home.

Part B pays for the following things. It usually pays for the services that are provided by the doctor. When the patient meets with an accident or incurs a heart attack it also pays for the cost of the ambulance. Part B also covers the charges of the laboratory test and the X-rays of full body. Part B also covers the cost of every type of medical equipments. It also covers the cost of the outpatient hospital care. Other home and preventive types of care are also covered in the Part B category. In short Part A & B is both very much helpful and one should take both the plans which will help them cover all the medical uncertainties that can happen to them. There are different types of Supplement plans and one should take them taking their medical condition. So the Medicare Part A and Part B are simplified and can be very much useful to all the patients as it covers almost every expense related to hospitals and medicines expense is also covered in it. So the person having the supplement need not have to pay any type of cash at the hospital.