It’s time to sign up for Medicare. But how do you start? It may seem confusing to navigate the Medicare marketplace so at the very least you should know what your years of work and the federal government can provide.


Government-funded Medicare includes three options: Medicare Part A insurance plan, the Medicare Part B insurance plan and the Medicare Part D insurance plan. So what is the difference? Medicare Part A covers medically necessary services such as lab tests and doctor visits as well as care received at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices or through home health services. It does not cover many other things though such as preventive services, medical equipment and mental health. For these you sign up for a Medicare Part B insurance plan. If you want to consult a second doctor for an opinion on a surgery, that’s included in your Medicare Part B insurance plan as well.


What if you need prescription coverage as well? You can opt for the Medicare Part D insurance plan, another government-funded addition that gives you even more power to choose what you need. All of these services are government funded so your state may have specific regulations as to what qualifies as a service in each plan.


The good thing about modern Medicare is that it gives you options on what you want to cover. Options are good. They give you the power to choose what you need. You’ve worked a long time to receive these benefits. You deserve them.