Medicare is a National social Insurance programme run by the government to provide health insurance for the citizen up to certain age. Young people with some disabilities are also covered under the scheme. Insurance is provided by some of private insurance companies. There are certain eligibility criteria for the same and you must fulfil the criteria to be included in the medical insurance scheme. They must be permanent residents and have served for some particular period.

Why Medicare Part B?

Medical insurance has its own benefits. Medicare Part B covers mainly 2 types of services Necessary services and preventive services. Medically necessary services includes diagnose or treatment of medical condition as per acceptable standards of medical practice. Preventive services are those which are taken to prevent any kind of illness detected at early stage. Part B insurance services help to pay for the services which are not covered under Part A. It is an optional one. Typically it covers 80% of amount and the rest is bear by the patient itself. Part B covers the physician, nursing charges, lab services, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, blood transplant, and ambulance services. They also cover vital treatments such as organ transplant, chemotherapy and hormonal issues. Medical administration is also covered under this scheme by the physician during an official visit.

Durable Medical Equipment is covered in this part (DME). I.e. Medical equipment required for you at home are covered which are recommended by the doctor. There are some criteria like the items you use at home should be durable, for medical use only, should be used at home only and cannot be used by other person except patient. It also covers second opinion. Like if your family/regular doctor suggests surgery/operation then you can approach to other doctor for second opinion. At the end the decision taking lies with the patient only. Partial hospitalization is also one of the benefits of this part. They cover psychiatric cases which require medical attention. They also help in mental health treatment if recommended by outdoor unit of mental health care department. Transportation costs are not covered in mental case. Part B has a lot of advantages as above and one should take full advantage of it and nevertheless read the terms and conditions of the company and understand it properly.