The Medicare drug prescription or Part D coverage is available in two different ways. In case you have an Original Medicare, Medicare Part D will not be automatically included in the respective. You can avail the usage of this plan by enrolling in a Medicare Prescription Drug or Part D plan that may be able to work along with your Original Medicare services.

Whereas you will automatically be able to get the benefits of Part D plan if you have Medicare Insurance Plan Part C. This plan is also known as the Medical Advantage Prescription Drug plan. You will get all the Medicare health and the prescription drug benefits covered in this single plan.

Part D insurance coverage is available through a number of private insurance companies that are contracted by the Medicare service providers, therefore the cost and availability may be different between the plans of the respective depending upon the insurance companies and the location you reside in.

Eligibility: Medicare Part D

You are eligible for the Part D drug coverage plan in case you meet the following considerations:

  1. If you are enrolled in the Original Medicare plans which includes Part A and Part B.
  2. Also, you must be living in the area where the services are available of a Medicare Plan that includes the prescription drug coverage.

The Enrollment: Medicare Part D:

If you are eligible for the Medicare part D, then you may enroll yourself in a stand- alone Medicare Prescription Drug plan during the below mentioned time period:

  1. The Initial enrollment Period: This is the very first period when you become eligible for the Medicare Prescription drug coverage. This generally begins three month before you turn 65 till the three months after your birth date.

The Annual Election Period: Starts form October till December every year. During this very time you can get yourself enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan or the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan, you may switch the desire in case you want to.