4Medicare plans

Medicare is the well known plan of insurance which is very famous in United States and it is run by the government. The main purpose is to provide the medical insurance to those who reach their retirement. In Medicare all the expense are not covered and thus there is option of Medicare advantage plans and Medicare supplement plans. Some people get confused between the Medicare advantage plans and the Medicare supplement plans. But both of them are different.

Medicare advantage vs. Medicare supplement

The Medicare advantage needs to have the Medicare Part A and B and it does not take the applicants who are the end stage of renal disease. The Medicare supplement works with the Medicare Part A and B. the cost of premium varies in the Medicare advantage plan state wise. The out of pocket also has limits and still you need to pay the Part B premium. In case of Medicare supplement plan the premium varies from gender and age as well. The different companies provide different premium amounts and usually no copayments costs are to be done. There is no limit in the out of pocket costs. If you wish to enroll in the prescription coverage then you should go with the Medicare advantage plan and in case of the Medicare supplement plan you need to enroll in the Medicare Part D prescription plan separately.

Te benefits in case of Medicare advantage plan does change yearly and you remain in same plan unless you dis-enroll from the plan. The benefits in the Medicare supplement plan don’t change normally. The renewal is guaranteed but you need to pay the premium for it. The main different is that you can again have an Medicare advantage plan if you dis-enroll but in case you drop any Medicare supplement plan then it is not possible to enroll into it again. There are some of the Medicare advantage plans which include the vision, hearing, dental expenses and some additional medicine are also included. The Medicare supplement included some of the travelling expenses. The supplement plan is owned by the private companies and the advantage plan is run by government but owned by private companies.