There are several pros and cons to obtaining Medicare Advantage. One of the biggest advantages to having this type of insurance is that it covers a wide range of medical care needs. It offers several more benefits than Traditional Medicare. The downside to Medicare Advantage is that you may experience higher copayments and deductibles. What this means is that you may have to shell out more money before your insurance plan will pick up the cost of your health care needs. The copayments are typically higher for more expensive services such as hospitalization, chemotherapy, and other critical care services.


Keep in mind that Medicare Advantage benefits may vary by region. Check your local region to determine if this plan is suitable for you. Additionally, some people frown on the fact that they are limited as to what doctor or hospital they can go to whereas Traditional Medicare is more lenient and offers a wider network of acceptable doctors and hospitals. However, limiting the doctors and hospitals an individual can use allows the company to build trust and a good, solid relationship with health care providers, to ensure individuals receive the best care possible. Make sure you research all of your Medicare options before you make any final decisions.