7Every year, from November 15 to December 31, users of Medicare plans are presented with the option of either keeping the plan they currently have or making adjustments to it. After all, things change throughout the time and it is very important to consider whether it is necessary to keep the plan the way it currently is or make small adjustments that will have a long lasting benefit once it is done. When is time to reevaluate the plan, it is important to ask some relevant questions.

What Medicare plan is more convenient for me?

Medicare offers many different plans. There is Traditional Medicare and there is Medicare Advantage Plan. Deciding which one is best depends on your own personal needs. Medicare Advantage Plan is advised for those who visit the doctor frequently and are in need of prescribed drugs, while the traditional Medicare is more efficient for those who only do their routine doctor visits and take a few or no prescriptions at all. In fact, a prescription drug plan can be added to the traditional Medicare plan in case you foresee a use of more prescribed drugs in the future.

How do I make sure that my prescription drugs are being covered?

There is a formulary that lists down all the medications that a plan covers. However, this list changes every year so the enrollment period of November 15 to December 31 is a good time to verify if the medications will still be covered on the upcoming year.

Can I still visit my current doctor if I join Medicare?

Many doctors, hospitals and health providers around the United States welcome the use of the traditional Medicare. However, more complex plans such as Medicare Advantage have their own network of health service providers, comprised of a list of doctors and hospitals approved by them. Therefore, any doctor or service that is not part of that list will imply more money spent. As you decide whether you plan to do traditional Medicare or move on to Medicare Advantage, you should find out if the doctor you currently see is part of the network of health providers.