Whether you are:

  • self-employed,
  • an employer looking for a benefit plan or
  • in between jobs,

and looking for an insurance plan that can fit any of these situations, the best solution for each can be found through the Blue Cross Insurance Plans provided by us.

Becoming a Blue member has numerous advantages, cost-related and otherwise.

As the insurance market is always changing, and unexpected situations arise; coverage changes to suit special cases for clients; and in this way everyone needs a good protection against certain medical expenses that can appear all of a sudden and can be very expensive when not properly protected.

With coverage for:

  • vision care,
  • general medical care and
  • many other medical products and services,

Blue Cross members have the double advantage of :

  • being safely covered by a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association;
  • as well as having made the best deal regarding the price of their individual insurance package.

By supplying affordable, personalized and high-quality insurance coverage, the Blue Cross is one of the most reliable insurance companies on the American Market.

We are dealing with:

  • individual coverage packages,
  • group life insurances and group benefits;
  • the Blue Cross Insurance is also the solution for the employer seeking to find a good, flexible and affordable health insurance coverage plan for his employees. Employers have thus a large option for health plans to offer to their employees.

Giving its clients the opportunity to:

  • compare insurance products,
  • offering on line assistance and support;

The Blue Cross makes sure every interested client gets the right information about the most suitable health plan.

Of the many coverage plans the Blue insurance can provide, you can also choose:

  • individual insurance
  • family health plan,
  • preventive care services
  • generic prescription drugs;
  • collaboration with the Medicare program