George Washington didn’t have Medicare Supplemental Insurance or Medicare but he did know what most of us have forgotten these days.The early bird gets the worm.Our first President usually started his day at 4:30 A.M.As we age we have less responsibilities to little people.So, when you are an early riser in your “golden” years you can enjoy the wonderful peacefulness of this most beautiful time of the day at leisure.Which will help to keep your blood pressure down. A good breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day and now you can enjoy yours in utter peace.

Most mature people don’t want to spend their time in a doctors office.To avoid that as much as possible its more important than ever to do every thing possible to be healthy.You won’t find any extra benefits in your Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage plans for being an early riser.What you might find though is more happiness and satisfaction with your life.You can never get that from a doctor visit or a pill.


A recent study shows that older people may require about 1.5 hours less sleep a night than when they were younger giving them a target of 7.5 hours of sleep per night.Some seniors mistakenly think they have a sleep problem because they are not sleeping 8 or 9 hours a night.Off they rush with their Medicare

When they get the prescription filled at the drug store.Perhaps the medication is an expensive brand name drug.Depending which Medicare Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan they have that prescription, which they just may not need, contributes to getting them closer to the donut hole.Once you reach the donut hole you will then pay 50% of the cost of the drug.Less money for those beautiful cruises where you could get up early to watch the sunrise.

One of the most beautiful moments of the day is when the sun rises.There is a very small window of time right before you see the first small sliver of pink in the sky that to me is breathtaking.And, even though with a Medicare Supplemental Plan or a Medicare Advantage plan you will have most of your expenses covered if you are in hospital it is so much more pleasurable to be in your own space watching the daily miracle of the sun rising.

Researchers have found that people that get up earlier are slimmer, happier and healthier.Most people are more likely to exercise in the morning when they are refreshed.Larks (early risers) reported waking up feeling more rested, having fewer worries and getting more restful sleep. They also awakened feeling physically better than “owls” (late risers).