Saving Money on Prescriptions with Medicare Advantage

>>Saving Money on Prescriptions with Medicare Advantage

Saving Money on Prescriptions with Medicare Advantage

A large number of people are turning to Medicare Advantage as a way to either supplement their current Medicare insurance or as a separate and stand-alone policy.
For example, the Advantage plan typically includes some of the more alluring aspects of Medicare, such as Medicare Part D, which includes prescription medication insurance. According to statistics gathered by government agencies, the average American spends at least fifty dollars a month on prescription medication, and over a hundred dollars a year on over the counter medication. If you have daily medications, this could add up to staggering sums without insurance coverage to help you offset those costs.


Fortunately for many of these Americans, they are eligible for the Medicare Advantage prescription plan, otherwise known as Part D. Although the policies may vary from private insurer to private insurer, most people do not have monthly deductibles on prescriptions or doctor’s visits, but instead pay a flat rate fee for their medical care. This means that if you are part of the plan, you would only pay the copay for your doctor’s visit and the copay for your medication, but nothing else. However, be sure to speak with an authorized Advantage agent to help you learn more about your potential benefits.

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