1.The amount of money that Medicare and thousands of users nationwide lose per year due to fraud is of millions. Interestingly, the fraud does not only affect the people who fall for it, but it affects Medicare programs in general as it hurts the trust that consumers have in them.   For that reason, it is important to be cautious at the moment of purchasing Medicare plans and make sure that you do not become a victim to countless fraud events that happen on a daily basis.

Why is it important to care about fraud?

Sadly, when someone is a victim to fraud, it affects other people in the network even when they were not the victims. It affects in the way that Medicare has to increase its co-payment costs slowly due to the money they have lost to fraud. Perhaps you are not the victim today, but you become vulnerable as soon as you make your next visit to the emergency room or any other need of health services. Once you are vulnerable, people can easily still your documents, including the Medicare ID and affect you in ways that ultimately harm your personal economy.

Monitoring fraud

It is not hard to detect fraud as long as you stay alert for any kind of distrustful activity. Watch out for providers that offer free services after you give them your Medicare card or if they waive any co-payments on a service frequently without even checking if your financial situation is different now. Also, keep an eye on your bills and see if there is any charged service that you have not receive or if there is pressure from any side pushing you to purchase a service of high prices. However, also make sure to double check with your providers before you claim it has been a fraud. After all, humans and computers make mistakes and sometimes what might seem as fraud could probably be just a small mistake that is easy to correct. Your health providers are meant to be your support and the last thing you want is to wrongly accuse them for something they have not done.

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