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Medicare Part A and Part B Simplified

Part A and Part B

Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance & part B is Medical Insurance. Part A is generally focused on the cost of the health care and all the other medical facilities which provides us with all the necessary and important health services. Part A covers the cost that is incurred during the […]

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Medicare Acronyms Defined: Parts and Plans

Part A
It covers all the board, inpatient room, supplies and other skilled nursing facilities being provided to the patient. There are certain changes that the private insurance companies keep on implementing in the part A plans to ensure the services.
Part B
The part B Medicare plans cover the testing, durable medical equipment, surgery, physician and a […]

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How to Use Medicare’s Website to Understand Original Medicare Coverage Better

As the source provider of medical services to many people out there, Medicare is one of those services that everyone wants to use, but not everyone exactly understands how it works and how it can meet the needs of patients. For that reason, it is important to know that the Medicare’s website has everything you […]

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Things to Consider When Integrating Your Home Healthcare with Medicare

In plain words home healthcare generally describes all having hospital or nursing facilities at home. With passage of time one loses all agility and strength and at old age one is largely dependent on their children and care takers for carrying out even normal routine chores. The situation can be frustrating for both parties sometimes […]

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