Mr. Anderson is having a check up in his doctors office. Afterwards, talking together the doctor says to Mr. Anderson, “What would fit better in your busy schedule, working out for an hour a day or being dead for 24?”

By 2030 people who are 85 and older will be the fastest growing segment of our population. I wonder what the Geezer Biker Bar will look like? Since there will be a lot of us to socialize with when we are 85 you better get busy now so you will look and feel great at 85. Who knew? One of the reasons we will have such a large population of octogenarians is the excellent medical care they will be receiving from Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage plans, (also known as Plan C), even have discounts for gym membership.

I sometimes wonder if having a sliding scale of premiums for Medicare Supplemental plans and Medicare Advantage plans might lead to a healthier population. Money is always such a great motivator. Pretend that if you could pass a muscle mass test and save 15% off your premium for Medicare Supplemental plans.


wouldn’t you want to take the test? A life time habit of exercising will make it much more likely that when you get to your golden years they will be more golden for you. Muscle mass decreases as we age. By the time we reach our fourth decade of life we will have lost 3%- 5% of muscle mass per decade. That decline will increase after age 50. As far as I know, Medicare Part D does not have a prescription that will increase muscle mass.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities accept Medicare Supplemental plans and Medicare Advantage plans and they all (or at least most) have exercise programs and work out facilities. Muscle mass can increase at any age. An exercise study was conducted at a Boston nursing home with an age range of 72 to 98 with the average age being 87. The youngsters lifted weights with their legs, three times a week for 10 weeks. When the study ended thigh mass increased 2.7%, walking speed increased 12% and leg strength went up 113%. Rose Weissman, a 91 year-old participant, said “I didn’t think that I was going to live anymore, but I feel different now”. Read what Rose said again and let the words sink in. “I didn’t think I was going to live…”.