1. Give yourself time In order to learn about Medicare and it Coverage plans:  Medicare coverage program is a system with a number of options and deadlines. Therefore, being well informed about the respective is a best way in order to avoid the mistakes that involves money.
  2. Do not expect to be notified in advance when it is time to go for the desired:  You must first apply for the Medicare coverage plans prior. You are requested not to wait for an official notice on when or how to get enrolled.
  3. Get yourself enrolled when you are supposed to:  In order to avoid the late penalties, get yourself enrolled at the age of 65, If you do not have an insurance from an employer from you are still working for, then you are requested to get enrolled within 8 months you leave the job.
  4. Do not gloom if you have not worked long enough to qualify:  You are also eligible for the Medicare Coverage on your present or the former work record of yours.
  5. Do not worry whether your poor health will affect your coverage or not:  If you are qualified for the Medicare coverage plan, you will receive all the advantages of the respective. You cannot be deprived of the coverage or you will not charge higher premiums as of the current or the past health problems.
  6. Do remember that Medicare Coverage is not free:  You will have to pay premiums for the coverage planes you enrolled yourself in, until and unless you qualify a low-income program or may have other insurance.
  7. Do not assume that Medicare will cover almost everything: Medicare health insurance is known to cover a wide range of health and medical service, along with the drug prescription plans.
  8. Do not expect that your Medicare to cover your family as well:  Remember that you will not be able to get Medicare coverage under the age of 65, except those who suffers from some serious disabilities. Plus, Medicare Insurance coverage has no family plan.